Unit Crane & Shovel Corp.

A 1959 UNIT 617 Crane/Dragline and a 1952 UNIT 614 Power Shovel at my Grandpa's place.  From what I can tell the crane is a 6-ton, 1/2 yard model.

*UPDATE* As of 2018-08-27: I just found out that my grandpa sold these two fine UNITs to a neighbor who is currently in the process of scrapping them out. :-(
   (Grandpa is 87 years old and losing his memory, so I'm not upset with him - just very disappointed that these two machines are being destroyed.)

Here are some manuals I've stumbled across on the web:

Ha, I finally found a capacity chart for the crane, sort of. It's for a 614, but I think the 617 just has larger tracks.
 Safe working capacities- based on 75% tipping load
 Radius Pounds
 15' 8,200
 20' 5,700
 25' 4,000
 30' 3,200

(Click on any picture to see the LARGE original.)

Found the other pieces!  Not an extension, as I had originally thought, but a complete boom: