MLS 20-21893 - 70 Acres W of Maplewood for $159,000

"70 acres of ideal rec land with woods, water, hills and 10 acres of tillable just a mile west of the park. Surveyed easement access, former home site has a deep well and septic. The cost of removal of a salvage trailer is factored into the price."

Sold for $108,000.

County Data:
Parcel 39000180146000
Currently Owned by June Zickur, registered address is this location. No sales history, tax assessed value is $134,830.
     It seems June passed away last year. I really hope she wasn't living in the run down mobile home that was on this property:
Driveway crosses parcel to the NE, owned by Charlotte Paulson, registered address Lino Lakes, MN (NE of the 'Cities).  That parcel is 40 acres, no sales history either. Tax assessed $66,890.
     From the obituary, this appears to be June's step-daughter.
Driveway *also* crosses yet another parcel north of that, 10 acres owned by Michael and Alicia Mickelson who actually live at that location in a mobile home. Total tax assessed for this one is $52,127 ($33k land value)
     From the obituary, this appears to be her daughter and son-in-law.

Pond is 19.9 acres, MN DNR ID: 56113800

20.9 acres is covered by the main pond + surrounding wetland.
Another 2.36 acres is taken up by the smaller marshy area to the west of the main pond.
Parcel to the NW, the W, and the South are owned by Hensch Family. They have 500+ acres.
Westby Farms seems to own the majority of the other parcels around here.