Honda CB750

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1974 Honda CB750 that I used to ride almost every day when we lived at our old house:



 And the not quite as mobile 1975 Honda CB750.  This one was my dad's until a grass fire caught the front tire and left side plastics and wiring.  It then sat for years behind his shed.  My original intent was to completely fix it up, re-plating the chrome, rebuilding the engine, etc., but I didn't have the time or skill, so I bought the '74 above on eBay.  This bike has been sold to a nice gentleman who is making a chopper.



The handlebar got bent up during one of our moves, so I decided to break it down into parts to make it more manageable. I already had a box of spare parts from my dad - I just added to it significantly, including a wiring harness and several gas tanks.








And the gas tanks!

A is the tank that originally came with the '74 CB750 I bought, but it developed pin holes down the middle seam while de-rusting the tank. (It has a brand new locking latch on it because the previous thumb latch broke.)
C is the tank I got on eBay to replace A - it had a bondo'ed corner that leaked like a sieve.
B is the tank they sent to make up for the defective tank C... Too bad it's for a late '70s CB750, and is much larger. (Though it would probably fit, I didn't like the way it looked.)
D is the original tank from the basket case.  Knowing what I know now, I would have just used electrolytic rust removal, bondo'ed and and painted it to save me from the tank debacle!